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₹30k to ₹2L Basic PC build guide that is needed to play Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is just launched all around the world, and it is has craved many ravishing reviews and many gamer’s liking. In this guide, we would like to tell you what are the basic requirements needed in order to play this game at less cost as possible or if you can afford the big beefy hardware we shall guide you through it as well. Now, let us look at what you gamers need to run this game on your system.

1. Motherboard, CPU, RAM

This is the most essential part of a computer. If you currently can game on the hardware that you can run then you can skip this part. But, beware your CPU tends to have some bottleneck also your RAM.

The above recommendations are given for ease of access. You can click the link to buy these products directly.

2. Graphics Card

This is the most essential part of your gaming PC setup. This is where most of the bottleneck seems to appear. Without a solid graphics card, you will not be able to run this game at even 30fps. So our recommended setup would be at least crank the FPS up to near 50 ish or above 60fps this is what we are aiming to get a solid gameplay experience

  • First Basic Setup to get at least 50fps

GTX 1660 Super or GTX 1060 6GB

With these graphics cards, you can be able to play the game at Low to Medium settings getting around 57fps with Fidelity FX mode turned on in this mode. Don’t get turned down by the Low settings category, the game looks awesome even in low settings. Also, note that the resolution that you can play is 1080p max. This will get you started with enjoying the game as it meant to be.

GTX 1660 Super –

GTX 1060 6GB –

  • Second Basic Setup to get more than 60fps

RTX 2060 OC or RTX 3060 ti

Now we move into the ray-tracing territory. If you want ray tracing minimum you need to get one of these two cards. Our main suggestion would be to go and spend the extra money and get the new RTX 3060 ti which is worth all the money you spend on it. The market price for the 3060 ti is around Rs. 41,000/- which is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With these cards, you can boost up to medium and high settings at 1080p and 1440p resolutions and the game will look phenomenal.

RTX 2060 OC –

RTX 3060 ti (Recommended) –

  • The Ultra setting Setup with 4K capability and over 60fps

RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and finally the big boy RTX 3090

With any one of these cards, you can play the game to its fullest. Where the 3070 has some limitations regarding 4K but at 1440p you can blast through the game with Ultra settings, Ray tracing enabled and a certain feature called DLSS will help you make your life easier. If you get the 3080 or the 3090 you’re all set don’t need to fiddle with the settings just you can play the game.

RTX 3070 –

RTX 3080 –

RTX 3090 –

If you can afford the 3080 or the 3090 revamp your old PC to the new Ryzen 9 5900x and 32GB of RAM. This will be all set.

In case of any bling in you need for your PC with a new cabinet look at this cabinet.


Note: For the first basic setup the PSU is 550W needed. For the second setup, you will need 650W PSU. In the case of RTX 3070, a 750W PSU will suffice.


For the 3080 and 3090 1000W, PSU is a safe bet. Look into our recommendations and get ready to play as V with Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand.

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