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13 Hobbies that are trending on the internet during the lockdown

Hehe! we are off to hobbies now? In the lockdown period hobbies have taken a big boost in trending things to do. And some of the people who monetized these hobbies have had celebrity status while doing them online or showing to public.

So if you don’t have a hobby as of the moment don’t worry you’ll find one soon.


Baking has become large in this COVID-19 period. Many women and men who are bored at home started looking up on Instagram and made baking the sole purpose of their life. Yes! I’m not joking. It became like a couple of hobbies worldwide, and many became more and more innovative. So if you want to try baking, look at this Instagram profile.

Mechanical keyboard building

You must know what a mechanical keyboard means, but building one from scratch is a new hobby that now many are master with. It involves skills like soldering, lubing, and torquing to make a great mechanical keyboard. It can be customized to numerous levels that it is only a one-off keyboard to your liking. Go to aliexpress and find yourself a PCB and key switches; you are off to building one.


Many beautiful ladies all around the world are now into knitting as their grandmothers would do for winter. Knitting has become a trend over Instagram and especially goofy ones. If you can knit a flower or knit a curse word, you will garner many likes as the world possibly can give to you.

Sweater making

Sweater making is also similar to knitting, but on steroids, knitting scarfs is a great skill, but millennials create old fashioned sweaters to reflect themselves in the design. The sweater is the new t-shirt printing warrior culture that has been evolved.


It is a powerful exercise many can do at home without any gym equipment. With gyms closed on the lockdown periods, many moved on to calisthenics. With only your body weight and a good diet, you can do wonders with your body.

PC building

The age-old titan is back! PC building was always an ongoing scenario with the gaming community. After Henry Cavill started building his own pc in the lockdown period, everyone started building one. Good god, most of them even thought that this was a workout routine for Cavill since he has humongous biceps.


Lockdown has created much stress for us. It made us quit some things and addict others, so many wound up to a journaling solution to keep check with these habits. They start showing how they write their journals on Instagram and how to make a pretty one. This made some people explore their creativity with their shadow behavior intact. Many psychologists also appreciated the fact everyone is facing their emotions in journaling.

Guest writing

Writing as an invisible writer to many blogs and websites has grown ten folds during these times. They were not writing advice and how to’s, and they were writing what feels taboo to them. This helped many to get over the fact that they are different from others.

Aquarium hobby

This is a big one! Buy a tank for 10 gallons and get a betta fish. This was the tantrum in the lockdown period. This has made people feel less lonely. Many ventured even more, like having aquascaping lessons and making some awesome aquariums with tetras and shrimps all around. It was beautiful.

Indoor gardening

To make the world a better place is to make your mind go to a better place. So gardening was like a zen practice to all the people who were doing it. Many started doing indoor gardening to make their home so pretty, like the hanging gardens of Babylon. Have a go at indoor gardening; you will get a certain peace of mind.

Dance lessons

Want to have fun with your loved ones? Dance dance, dance! Everyone wanted to get out of the sobbing mood that they have been put through. So everyone started dancing with their loved ones and made a great following. Dancing helped them release their emotions, and shaking their arms widely made them feel free while on lockdown.


Everyone streamed everything. Going out for the first time to even stocking up toilet paper. That’s where streaming took them to. With masks on the faces and not worrying about the opinions, everyone wanted some attention from the world. This is all done to make them feel like they’re still relevant to the universe.


Gaming was on fire this lockdown for the past few months. It was the only industry that made billions of dollars in this lockdown. Everyone wanted to escape from reality, and gaming paved the way for it.

With all these hobbies we passed our time for the last 8 months. These hobbies made us find out what we love to do.

So what do you love to do? Please tell us below if you like the article; leave a like and share it in your social feed. It will help us.

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