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5 best honey brands that you can buy in India after the FSSAI reports of adulteration

With the recent debacle in the honey industry, many name brands have failed the pure honey test since they use sugar as a form of adulteration in the honey business. These brands have failed to qualify as the prime unadulterated honey that the consumers are expecting to buy.

Why is pure honey important? Pure kinds of honey are said to be a more nutritional counterpart than sugar. It mainly reduces the harm of using sugar as a supplement to sweeteners. Honey, as a sugar supplement to many, became popular by living a healthy lifestyle.

So here are the top honeys that are branded as FSSAI as unfiltered honey with no sugar adultration.

1. Under the Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree is one of the new startups that have made honey in the purest form possible. They do not want to make fake promises like other name brands in the market. Under the Mango Tree has the great pure unadulterated kinds of honey in the market. So please have a try at it will make you more comfortable with your choice.

2. Pahadhi Local

Pahadhi Local has been involved in many ventures like facial creams and other products. Now they have ventured into the honey market. This makes them one of the prime competitors in the honey-making industry. They make their products with great care and precision; this is the motto that makes them unstoppable.

3. Kapiva

Kapiva is also a good kind of honey that you can buy right now. This is making them more and more relevant in the market. These kinds of honey are made from the Himalayas, and they are said to be one of the purest in the market. So if you’re in the market for indigenous kinds of honey in the market, you’ll not be disappointed with this choice.

4. Organica

Organica has the vision of making kinds of honey from the local honey farmers. These processes make them the most reputable brands that can be supported by the Indian market. With farmers of honey intact, they provide opportunities for these individuals to make them sustain their life. This is a good initiative in our concern. Suppose you’re looking for the purest honey from the honey comb, look at this brand.

5. Local honey Farmer

There is nothing better than you’re a local honey farmer. He gives you the best honey that you can buy with your money. This is one of the best ways to get pure honey. Their kinds of honey cannot be as clear as other honey manufacturers in the market, but this is the best honey and the pure one you can get right now.

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