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How Elon Musk became a billionaire and the richest man?

Elon Musk now has a $188 billion portfolio, and he is said to accumulate more when you are reading this. His portfolio grew in billions in 2020 compared to any other year. How Elon Musk got his billions?

Elon Musk’s strategies were pretty simple and ingenious. He accumulated more Tesla stocks for a lesser price than average; then the stock went up at the right moment. This made him a billionaire.

The big question is how the stocks went down? That was Musk’s genius hides inside.

In early 2020 he started the investment of taking Tesla global with the eastern markets in mind. He started his investment in India and China. This was a great turning point for the company.

With investment in India on the cusp, he literally tweeted that “Tesla’s stock prices were too high”. This is where everyone panicked and sold some of the Tesla shares at the bin.

Where there is blood, there is money.

Daniel Day Lewis in There will be blood.

The self-sabotaging act made the value of the stocks go way below the average limit. When all the dust settled with the tweet faded away, many investors thought this was an anomaly and started investing more into the shares of Tesla.

Earlier, Musk also bought his own set of shares worth $10 million before the tweet he made in the company on Valentine’s day of 2020. This is the pivoting point that Elon Musk has made.

He bought the shares at a discounted rate of around $700 per share and increased his stake-holdings to 18.7%.

After COVID starts to settle down, he got several investments and approvals from many governments to sell cars in their countries like India and China.

With all the approvals and overseas investments, Elon’s share, i.e., Tesla’s shares, have skyrocketed again. With help from his other company’s success, like the boring company, hyperloop, and SpaceX, he eventually was in a snowball effect of money piling up.

Starlink is also his new venture of giving high speed internet to all over the world. All his investments and companies are great speculation of huge pile of money.

All the businesses and his strategic investments in Tesla and with a single tweet, Musk became the world’s richest man alive.

One man’s trash another man’s treasure…


The last time Tesla share went down he did this….

Down goes the shares…

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