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The 10 best websites that will take you out of boredom (Warning: It’s addictive)

Most of us are known to spend our time on social media all the time and getting only the same type of content again and again. This is due to the immaculate search pattern recognition that they employ to make our content relevant. This can be useful many times, but it is kinda boring and repetitive that will make us even more irritated at times.

This has made me quit social media and venture into new territories. As I ventured into new territories, I found many websites that actually give more to us than any social media can give us.

So let’s dive into the list:

1. Bored Panda

As the name suggests, the bored panda is one of the most entertaining and funny websites you can find to pass your free time. Bored Panda has many categories on its site like entertainment, gags, and memes. It has everything for everyone, do take a look at the website, and you’ll be blown away.

2. Bright Side

This website is somewhat similar to bored panda, but the content is delivered ingeniously. The website has some factual evidence on many interesting events to back up its claims. Suppose you are feeling guilty for just wasting your time. It has many interesting facts that tell about survivability, which is said to scratch the itch for many Beat Grylls fans. So take a look at it.

3. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is one of the top websites for men. It also caters to women readers as well. For women, they mainly write articles about men’s psychology and relationship advice. The website mainly caters to the niche of making healthy men all around the world. It also tells some in bed stamina advice that will help you in the long run.

4. GQ

GQ is a top magazine website for fashion and celebrities. For those who are into celebs and their fashion, this website is perfect for them. This website actually makes the reader get what they want.

5. Mashable

If you are into tech stuff and entertainment, mashable is the place for you. Mashable was first a tech website, and now it has ventured into many aspects of categories like entertainment. It will get you hooked as soon as you click the link. So venture into the world mashable and enjoy.

6. 16personalities

This website is for the most curious people on the internet. This website is mainly about finding what type of personality you are. The website asks you a series of questions, answers them truthfully, and will get to know your personality trait. With this information, you will get a realization about what you really want to become

7. Political Compass

As the name suggests, this website will tell you where and what type of political person or a political stand you take upon society. This will help you the most when the voting period arrives. It asks a series of political questions that you will answer and find whether you are a conservative or democratic.

8. 9gag

This is a famous website, and it has many iterations. It has more funny prank stuff than any other youtube prank channels have. Be warned this will suck you in hours or maybe even days of consumption.

9. A good movie to watch

One of our biggest life problems that we have is, what movie to watch? This website actually gives a decent suggestion on what you need to watch in your mood. We don’t know how it figures it out. But who cares? It gives us the thing that we want. Just answer simple questions on the website. You will be surprised.

10. Camel Camel Camel

This website has nothing to do with camels. This website actually tracks the product that you want to buy and sees its prices go up and down through the sales period. With this, you can get a good understanding of what products you can buy for which price.

These are our comprised list. We made sure that these are some websites that you can spend your valuable time on at this moment of stress.

What is your favorite website on this list? Or do you have any other suggestions? Do let us know in the comments section.

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