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Top 7 Highest Tax Payers in India

The income tax department of our country is been working hard to make sure that all the rich pay their taxes correctly. But, most elite people tend to evade taxes as much as possible to make sure that their money stays in their hands. After all the evading and such still, there are these humongous tax payers in India that will blow your mind.

Analjit Singh

1. Analjit Singh

Age: 66 years old

Tax paid : 99.7 Crores

Occupation: Founder of, Max Groups

Analjith Singh is known to be the highest taxpayer in India. He is the founder of Max Groups, which is an Indian conglomerate that involves mostly in the financial sectors and fashion industry. His father was the founder of Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals which is well known for its medicinal brands in the industry.

Asim Ghosh

2. Asim Ghosh

Age: 73 years old

Tax paid : 75.4 Crores

Occupation: Founder of, Husky Energy

Asim Ghosh is the second-highest taxpayer in India where he pays whopping 75.4 Crores. He is the founder of Husky Energy one of the leading energy integrated companies in Canada. As he is retired now he has resumed the position in as a leadership role in Hutchison Corp, Pepsi Foods, and Carling O’Keefe

Amitabh Bachchan

3. Amitabh Bachchan

Age: 78 years old

Tax paid : 52 Crores

Occupation: Actor

As the name suggests Big B is synonymous in our Indian subcontinent, Big B also pays the highest taxes in the Bollywood industry. He pays around a whopping sum of 52 Crores in order to make his income. He is called the Shehenshaah of Bollywood, now he is the king of taxpayers in the Bollywood club.

M S Dhoni

4. M S Dhoni

Age: 39 years old

Tax paid : 48 Crores

Occupation: Former Indian Cricket Team Captain

M S Dhoni no intro needed. The Indian Cricket team savior, a stunning wicket keeper, and humongous fan following. He took many accolades as captain of the Indian team like the ICC 2011 World Cup, Champions Trophy, ICC T20 World Cup, and many IPL Titles to his belt as CSK Captain.

Salman Khan

5. Salman Khan

Age: 54 years old

Tax paid : 45 Crores

Occupation: Film Actor

Salman Khan is famously known as Sallu Bhai among his fans. He gets 100 Crore per film as his salary. He has acted in many hit films where there are some cult classics among in his repertoire. With this much success, he pays around 45 Crores to our Income Tax department.

Shah Rukh Khan

6. Shah Rukh Khan

Age: 55 years old

Tax paid : 43 Crores

Occupation: Film Actor

The SRK of Bollywood mesmerizes most with his good looks and also mesmerized our IT department with a whopping cheque of 43 Crores. He has acted in more than 100 films which many are said to be blockbusters. DDLJ won our hearts but his tax return won our IT department hearts.

Virat Kohli

7. Virat Kohli

Age: 32 years old

Tax paid : 42 Crores

Occupation: Indian Cricket Team Captain

The current Indian Team Captain Virat is one of the best players in the world of cricket. He surpassed many expectations with his success. He is one of the main reasons that Indian Cricket is holding strong with its viewership. With as much amount of fans watching him around the country, he also pays as much amount of taxation to the IT department

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