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Things a Sniper in the Indian Army needs to go through

The life of a sniper in any army is said to be one of the crucial cadets. These men and women need to train heavily in the army regiment and go through several struggles to save our lives on the border.

We might have seen many movies that depict a sniper’s life; many movies are mostly accurate.

Once you have the will to become a sniper, you need to be ready for the onslaught of training regiments that you need to go through.

The Indian army is equipped with the Russian Druganov rifle, which is a specific marksman rifle. These rifles are very accurate, and they are one-shot target down rifles. So the marksman training in our army is very crucial.

Like every other army personnel, these special marksmen must go through the basic army recruit training. After finishing their recruit training, they will be shown to train and handle arsenals.

At first, they start with pistols and other easy to handle arms; as the time and training goes by, they start introducing them to the big boys.

These special operatives then go for assault rifles after being consistent with the AR and hitting the marks very well; they go for the ultimate marksman training.

This training mainly consists of many skills like conditioning, stillness, breath control, arm stability, and mainly disciplined focus. Without the focus, these military personnel can’t survive the excruciating conditions.

These snipers mainly do marksman rifling, reconnaissance, and target elimination in tight situations.

These snipers mainly get supplementary training on camouflage and stealth regimes. These pieces of training will ensure that they are as low profile to the enemy as possible.

With all these acts to cross, our Indian Snipers risk their lives in the borders to make us sleep sound and safe with our families.

So, Jai Hind! To all heroes along the borders of our great nation.

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