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Why is ‘C’ the default hard disk drive name in Windows?

Computers have been a really important part of our lives. Making our work easy and complete it in no time is the main advantage of computers. In the beginning, computers were really expensive and were used by a few people. Then with the increase and ease of technology computers became affordable and nowadays everyone is using computers. Computers are proved as an evolution in our lives. Though you may be using computers some of you may not be aware of some hidden facts such as, Why is ‘C’ the default hard disk drive name or What is the meaning of Power button or the original name of Windows was Interface Manager.

Do you know why ‘C’ is the default hard dis drive and not ‘A’ or ‘B’?

Hard disk drives became standard since 1980. Before Hard disk drives came into existence, Floppy disk drivers were used as storage devices. Floppy Disk drives were initial storage devices. They came into existence in 1960’s. They came in mainly 2 sizes, 5 1/4″ and 3 1/2″.

These two floppy disk drives were labelled as Local Disk (A) and Local Disk (B). Though the floppy disk drives were not that fast in transferring files and they too had less storage space. So, Hard Disk Drives were introduced. After the invention of Hard disk, the floppy disk of size 8 inch came into existence. Presently Floppy Disk drives and Hard disk drives replace floppy disks

This is the reason behind ‘C’ being the default disk drive name. Next drive names are then labeled as D, E, etc. DVD drive and USB drive are further named as F, G, etc. Though ‘C’ is the default drive name if you want to you can change it to ‘A’ or ‘B’ if you have the administrative rights.

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