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100 WPM typing? Three easy web apps to become a Typing Yoda

Typing is one of the most well-versed skills in this day and age. Before most people learn to become a typist in their work area, as the IT sector grew large and large many people find this as a necessity these days. An average person will type around 40 WPM (Words Per Minute), a typist will type around 80 WPM. So in order to show your typing skills to your friends and family, you could learn touch typing i.e., without seeing the keyboard and typing.

In order to do that we have found three websites that you could use for free to brush up your typing skill

1. Keybr –

Initially, you want to start with the basics. This website provides you with the greatest basic typing skills that you need to excel in your typing journey. It teaches you with a button to button pieces of training with AI-generated lessons. This is very hard sometimes but it will definitely make you learn so fast that you will touch typing at a decent pace in a matter of days.

2. Monkey Type –

Monkey Type is the next level in the typing practice journey. You will make a lot of mistakes over here but don’t get discouraged by it. It is all in your mind. This website will make you type words and sentences in a given timer or with a certain set of words. This will make you type out real-world scenario words. So take your time with this app and learn it to the fullest.

3. 10fastfingers –

10fastfingers is one of the most reputed typing apps in the community. This will make you have a typing race with other fellow typers of your skill level, so you will get a motivation to win in that race this will make you type faster and more accurate.

One tip before you go, start your typing practice with these three websites one by one. Make sure to practice one hour in the day and 30mins in the night before going to sleep cause this will help in the cognition of your muscle memory faster.

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