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5 alternatives to Yoga (for any age)

There’s nothing wrong with Yoga, I am not against it. I find it simple yet complicated, complicated yet simple. Some poses are simple and some are undoable. I usually lose track on following the instructions ‘inhale’ and then ‘exhale’ when I assume the pose.

There’s lot of other exercises, but nothing is as soft and smooth as Yoga. But there are some practices that has close resemblance to the style of Yoga and some of them are much simpler.

Tai chi

Tai chi is a form of exercise that began as a Chinese tradition. It’s based in martial arts, and involves slow movements and deep breaths similar to yoga. But your breaths are so aligned with your hand movement (mostly) or your body movement. It’s not that hard to remember where to exhale and where to inhale. You only have to concentrate on your palms and movements like a flow. The complexity is very less when compared to Yoga.

Qi Gong

The literal translation of qi gong is “energy work.” It is an Asian form of yoga that has been around for thousands of years. Much of it is performed while standing, though there are a number of seated sets as well. There are hundreds of systems of qi gong that have come from various lineages, and many of them focus on different fields. Many are health-oriented, while a separate group comes through the martial arts lineages. 

These systems act to harness willpower, to focus, and to help practitioners channel their energy through their palms (similar to Tai Chi).

Slo flo

There’s not many following this, yet you can find DVD’s of them in Amazon as you would like find Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. It is said to be the Christian alternative to Tai Chi / Yoga yet failed to survive.

Super Slow

Super Slow is a form of strengthening physical exercise (resistance training) popularized by Ken Hutchins.

It is based on ideas from the 1940s and 1960s called 10/10 “muscle contraction with measured movement” and implemented using fixed weight Nautilus machines. In more recent times such “Time Under Load” ideas have seen a renaissance with Dr Doug McGuff’s best selling Body by Science.

The 10 second lifting, 10 second lowering repetition speed of movement was suggested to Ken Hutchins by Dr. Vincent Bocchicchio. In short, it is weight lifting Yoga.


It is mixture of Tai Chi movements, Yoga poses but with equipments. There’s no general postures or movements, every single exercise is customised for you body and needs. It consists of series of opposite movements to expand and contract all the intricate muscles (not only primary muscle groups) by twist and turns. Check more about this at

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