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5 useful Google Assistant commands for daily & frequent use

A virtual assistant is no longer a dream for any common person. If you’re a person using Google Assistant with your smartphone or using it at home as a smart speaker, this article is for you. These 5 commands are the most frequent command that is used in day to day life. Without further ado, I proceed to list the commands and when it can be used.

“Hey Google, head or tails”

Whenever you want to make a decision, especially the choice is equally good and too difficult to choose one, or you just want to give the decision to fate, then you can use this command. Google Assistant tosses a virtual coin and tells you the result.

command variations: “Hey Google, toss a coin”

“Hey Google, tell me a random number”

For this question, Google Assistant will give you a random number usually between 1 to 100. But you can fine tune the question by asking “tell me a random number between 1 to 10”. If you have 10 tasks to do today, and you don’t want to choose which one to do first, then you can use this command. Let the fate decides what you do 🙂

Similarly, if you use it in group, you can choose a random winner or random person to start first with this command.

command variations: “hey Google, give me a random number”

“Hey Google, remember that my spare keys are in the kitchen cabinet”

Tell Google Assistant to remember something for you. You can ask it to remember as many things as possible. For example, if you want to remember you kept your spare car key in the kitchen cabinet or bedroom cabinet. You can ask the Assistant even after a few months or years to know where you kept it. To ask, say…

“Hey Google, where is my spare keys”

similarly, you can ask “What are the things I ask you to remember” or “What did I tell you about my car keys”

“Hey Google, be my Hindi interpreter”

Ask your Google to be your interpreter or you can use it to learn new language. When you ask Google Assistant to be your interpreter, Assistant will switch to interpreter mode, it will translate every statement you say after a ‘small beep’.

Bonus Command for your prosperity 🧘

“Hey Google, Talk to Headspace”

Use this command to make your Google Assistant to guide you to meditation or to good sleep. You need to join your account to for this to work.

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