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Winter is coming: 10 geeky gadgets to keep you warm

As predicted by IMD (Indian Metrological Department), this year’s winter is going to be colder than usual. To assist our readers in preparation for the winter, we have listed ten geeky gears that you can buy now at Without further ado, here’s the list.

1. Electric Blanket – Bed warmer with overheat protection

Lay it on your bed, spread a sheet over it, connect the wire to an electric socket, set the temperature, Done. You’re set to have a warm, comfy, good night sleep. It’s better to heat your bed rather than your whole bedroom, so that you don’t have to use much of your electricity.

Buy at here

2. Waterproof Silicon non-slip Shoe Covers

Want to wear a good quality, costly shoes in winter? in the rain? in the streets? in the muddy roads? Don’t worry cover your shoes with this silicon covers. It gives anti-slippery protection and protects your shoes from soaking, thus keeping your feet warm.

Buy at here

3. USB foot warmer – shoe insoles for warm feet indoor

Only for indoor use, you can use your existing footwear. It’s not comfortable as a comforter, but it does the job.

Buy at here

4. Electric foot warmer – comfy foot cover for warm feet indoor

Works same like the electric blanket, but this one is exclusive for your feet. We are all not going to be in the bet all day and night. So consider this, if you are going to working and sitting long hours in this winter.

Buy at here

5. Mini fan electric heater for small rooms

Effective only if you are using it in a small size room, say 10 x 10 feet room.

Buy at here

6. Portable fan heater for bedrooms

Highly efficient for medium size room and all night run.

Buy at here

7. Heating blanket to keep you warm in car

Connect the plug to your car charger port and tug inside this blanket if you want to feel warm when you’re in for long travel in this winter. This works better than your car heater itself.

Buy at here

8. USB heating gloves for warm hands while working in laptops and PC

Are you working in computer for long hours in winter, then you need this. Works with USB, just plug it in your PC or laptop port, and work warmly.

Buy at here

9. Heated hoodie – unisex

You need to use any power-bank (that you use to charge your phones) as source for this hoodie to work. Other than that, it is just another hoodie if you want to use it without the heater function.

Buy at here

10. Electronic (re-chargeable) portable hand/palm warmer

Got a freezy hands? Need something to grab on which is warm, similar to showing your palms to the fireplace in freezing nights. This is portable palm warmer, just for this purpose.

Buy at here

Hope you liked our list. Note that Oddhub might earn a small commission for the above products if you use the above links to buy it from the seller site.

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