What to do after an affair?

Infidelity is the choice made, a conscious decision. No one can justify it. Yet, things happen. People do mistakes. There’s plenty of reason for Infidelity. Even though there’s plenty of Early and hidden in plain-sight symptoms of an affair, couples often miss them and address them early. What should you do now? What decision to … Read more

Early and hidden in plain-sight symptoms of an affair

There may be many causes for infidelity to happen, but it always the choice made, not something that happens out of the blue. If it is a choice why people choose to cheat? We covered a few psychological explanations in a post, Why do people cheat in a relationship? Reasons for people to seek an … Read more

Get FREE follows and likes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Who don’t like followers on Instagram? Here’s are 20+ free sites that help you to increase your Instagram followers, Facebook page likes, post like, video likes, twitter likes and follows etc. Why they are giving this for free? Actually you need to do the same for others. This is more like an exchange, where you … Read more

Earn $5 to $50 daily – 3 Genuine online surveys programs

This may look like a scam because most of the survey sites and found, that a large number of them don’t have enough surveys. Some of them do have surveys, but they don’t qualify you & a few don’t pay you for your work. But here’s a list of great sites that pay good money … Read more

5 alternatives to Yoga (for any age)

There’s nothing wrong with Yoga, I am not against it. I find it simple yet complicated, complicated yet simple. Some poses are simple and some are undoable. I usually lose track on following the instructions ‘inhale’ and then ‘exhale’ when I assume the pose. There’s lot of other exercises, but nothing is as soft and … Read more