Reasons why aliens have not yet contacted us

Aliens E.T. It is the most undying and commonly talked about in urban mythology. There has been many suggestion and sightings of UFOs in the past. But, yet there isn’t any clear evidence that insists on a life far from our planet.

Aliens are not easy to be contacted. There are many barriers. As seen in the movie The Arrival, it is made clear that if a life form exits in this universe, either they don’t know how to contact us or they don’t wish to contact us.

They might not be as intelligent as we thought

Aliens are always portrayed to us like to most advanced intelligent life forms. In movies, they are depicted mostly as the most advanced form of life in terms of their arsenal and self-preservation of the species.

But what if they are as intelligent as we think? Are they truly intellectual species, or do they lack intelligence and follow a culture similar to our caveman days.

Alien life form might have contacted

Contact scenarios from aliens might have been done but not as we thought it to be. We normally see the contact signals to be as radio signals. But there is a chance that extraterrestrial life must have moved on (or) follow a different set of communication methods that we are unaware of.

The Zoo Scenario

A Zoo Scenario is similar to a kid walking around a zoo and sightseeing the animals. Similarly, E.T. Life forms might have been looking at us for a long time.

Why? They might be looking at us for different reasons, either to protect us or watch how we progress with life. These are all theories on what they might have in mind while they are watching us.

Cloaking abilities

A simple fact that we are yet to see any aliens is that they can become invisible.

We have seen this depicted in many Hollywood flix, like Predator. They might possess a cloaking device that makes them invisible at times.

We are the only lonely creatures

There is also a theory saying that humans are the only life forms in the entire space. We are the one off-planet that can be viable for life to live in it. Many scientists say that earth’s satellite planet moon is the biggest of all the known satellite planets around the galaxy.

With the moon making its own gravitational pull and making viable conditions for life forms to live. This make’s us the one-off living planet of all.

Human are not looking with a fresh eye

Humans are always stuck with the fact of some structure and frames for how a life form should be. That is not very good for finding something new.

To find a new life form or intelligent species, we sometimes need to unlearn what we already know.