What Reddit says when asked for NSFW expansion?

NSFW, the word attracts more than the work in workplace. Not Safe For Work or Not Suitable For Work is the appropriate expansion for the abbreviated 4 letter word. I recently found not many understand the meaning of it. Any form of work, unproductive activities, action against security protocol of the working company, anything similar … Read more

What’s in the dark web? What you’ll see if you browse dark sites?

The hidden part of the web, inaccessible to common folks like us is termed as “Dark Web”. When I say inaccessible, it is not like password-protected website or sites which don’t let you inside. This is a place hidden inside the normal internet we use every day but we never sense the presence of it. … Read more

5 Inventions that favored true feminism

Feminism is all about equality. True feminism brings the women forward rather than fighting against people who hate the idea. The ideas that fundamentally changed the path of the time and favoured women in the past are listed here. This is just an opinion. Contraceptions Before the medical advancements, women were kept busy in the … Read more