The Ultimate Indian meal prep guide for easy cooking and maintaining a diet

meal prep

Everyday morning woman of the house have the question ringing, what’s for break fast, then for lunch, then for dinner? This makes them feel constantly stressed, not enjoying the present moment and at last, ending up unhappy chaos at home or even worse, not focused at work. Planning, Preparing and Executing- the PPE- Keep it … Read more

How does a keto diet work? What are its side effects?

Keto diet

The word Keto derived form Ketogenic , which refers to the protein in the body. As proteins are the building blocks of organs, muscles, skin in our human body. Keto diet involves less intake of carbs and replaced with adequate intake of fats and proteins. The Keto diet helps people striving to achieve faster weight … Read more

5 Facts about protein supplement selection that you need to look out for

Protein Supplement

Protein powders are a gym goers essential intake supplement for years. But are you selecting the right one? The main criteria to select the right protein powder is to look for the amount of sugar, carbohydrate and BCAA (branched chain amino acids) that are present in the protein mix. Go for Isolates not Whey There … Read more

4 focus enhancing supplements you can take make you more productive. (Nootropics)


Focus is the essential commodity that we all lack. With Nootropics, there are some facts that we can enhance our focus on supplements. Nootropics are supplements that enhance brain activity and make you focus on the work at hand. 1. Caffiene Caffeine is the most common nootropic that we consume mostly every day. It gives … Read more

5 alternatives to Yoga (for any age)

There’s nothing wrong with Yoga, I am not against it. I find it simple yet complicated, complicated yet simple. Some poses are simple and some are undoable. I usually lose track on following the instructions ‘inhale’ and then ‘exhale’ when I assume the pose. There’s lot of other exercises, but nothing is as soft and … Read more

5 benefits of bulletproof coffee the keto coffee that everyone is talking about

bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee has been in the trend for the past year. What is bulletproof coffee? A regular coffee made adding MCT oil and Ghee as a supplement to milk and sugar. What is the recipe for bullet proof coffee? Brew one coffee with your desired levels. Make sure you use a french press coffee machine … Read more