Hating someone? The real reason behind hate speeches.

In Psychology, “Shadow” refers to the parts of ourselves within our mind which are in the darkness, mostly that we are unconscious of having them inside ourself. Projection refers to percieving the world or outside with the lens of our own, the unconscious aspects of yourself (which you hold in your mind), such as positive … Read more

6 traits that will make you happy


Happiness cannot be seen as an objective benchmark symbol. It is mostly intangible. You cannot measure your happiness, you can only feel it. But happiness is said to the commodity in demand for these days. With happiness being in demand many are looking into what are the ways to attain happiness. Well the truth is … Read more

Dealing with a narcissist or sociopath or toxic people? Try this

Narcissist, sociopath, toxic, manipulative, psychopathically pervasive people are hard to deal. Not all the times you can avoid them. May be they are your colleague, may be your room mate, or unavoidable acquaintance or a relative. Due to situation and other reasons you may be left with one choice, that is to deal them. What … Read more

Einstein & Newton’s formula for a happy life

People chase money, men chase women, women chase men, some chase knowledge, many chase money, but unequivocally everyone agrees that they chase happiness. For many life is a pursuit of happiness, only for some it is filled with happiness. But the real happiness is where you felt satisfied and not chasing the happiness itself. That … Read more