If you apply oil for your hair, beware of these issues

Coconut oil is the most suitable natural ailment for hair loss problems. So the Sesame oil. Using it weekly gives the hair protein and other supplements needed. Apart from the nutritional benefits, aforesaid oils are good at cooling your body temperature like Castor oil (occasional use only). Herbal infused oils, and few non-indigenous oils like olive oil also do great good to your hair. But they can cause you some other problems if you don’t do it right.

The first issue with these organic oils are, these oils are completely organic and fresh with live nutrition. This causes tiny fungal matters to grow on your scalp. This fungus may result in weakening your hair roots when they dried up after shampooing or after using organic hair wash powder. That’s why you must use ‘shikakai’ (hair wash powder) if you apply oil to your hair.

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If you have a rough grainy hair wash powder, rub it all around the head, massaging the scalp and rinse multiple times. If you use a soft, foamy hair wash powder, soak your hair and scalp with the foam for at least two minutes.

If you are not using shikakai, this Indus Valley powder is best to start with.

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Too much hair wash powder makes your scalp too much dry. Too little will result in an oily head instead of a moistened scalp.

If you’re using a shampoo, try different ones with different sulphate proportions. Its better not to use shampoo in my personal opinion.

The oiliness will attract all the dust and this dust will sediment on your scalp. This forms a layer of sticky dirt all over your scalp, resulting in triggering dandruff. Otherwise, these layers of dust prevent your scalp skin from breathing and being fresh.

If you have to travel a lot outside, in heavily polluted areas, then you shouldn’t be using oil in the morning. If your hair is frisky, then apply very slight oil on your hair carefully not all over the scalp.