Know why no hair-fall solution is working for you?

Thousands of products, remedies, tips, medicines, therapies, and procedures including hair implants and so on are available today. More and more are coming every day. Though hair is not an essential organ in our body, we care much about the hair. Even if you are not a beauty conscious person, you don’t want to lose your hair.

No hair fall solution, no medicine, no supplements will work as intended if you’re not correcting this.


For hair growth, body needs proper balanced diet. Supplements are not the answer. If you’re not taking the food that contains proper balanced proteins, vitamins and other essential things needed for body as the main food and in regular manner, then no supplements will help you to compensate that. Supplements work for short time, but it should not be followed as the routine. If you miss the timing, wrong proportion and volume of different food, no medicine will help you to regain the hair growth. Medicines or other form of intake only aid the hair growth, will not support it itself.

Sleep & Stress (repairing)

Obviously, everyone knows this. Stress breaks the good cells in the body. Especially the scalp cells. To repair those broken cells and to rejuvenate the body, the body needs proper sleep. The sound and long sleep every day. Depends on your body type you might need at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep every day. Without doing this, you can’t expect your hair to re-grow or stop falling if it is already started falling. A stressed, overworking brain is found to produce few brain matters that are always a big cause for hair fall. Many stressed men have retracted front hair line or front baldness.

Physical exercise (hormone imbalance)

Feeding the body with necessary food but not helping the body to acquire it is the biggest mistake everyone do. Even though you don’t lack any substance in the body, few hormones that are responsible for keeping your body young will only generate within your body, only secretes when you do exercise. A minimum of 40 continuous minutes of aerobic activity daily will keep those feel-good hormones in balance

Excess body heat & Sweat

Heat is the greatest enemy of your body. A good sweat (which means the sweat comes out of body workouts, not in a way when you went into steam bath) will always pays better in regulating the body temperature and other essential rejunavating body functions.

Sweating increases the blood flow, and the body movements during the aerobic workouts will act as a self-massage which is crucial for blood flow to the body and cleanse the lactic acids. Don’t underestimate this point, this works for your head too.

Moisture & Oil

If you have dry skin, no matter what product you use, it will not help you to stop the hair fall. If you’re living in a tropical country, try using coconut oil rather than moisturizing hair creams. You have to cleanse it often (coconut oil) as the excess oil and excess duration will cause few fungal matters to grow, which in-turn form dandruff. Dry scalp and dandruff are two sides of the coin. Avoid dry skin, at the same time, don’t let the scalp to be excess oily.

Apart from above controllable conditions, there are few situation where you never can expect a hair growth again or stop hair fall.

  • Genetic reason – if it is a genetical issue, no matter what you do, there is very less chance of getting your hair back
  • Death of hair follicles – hair is designed to grow, one after another if one falls. If the hair follicules were not present (completely destroyed in the past due to unhealthy habits) it is not possible to bring your hair back.
  • Side effects of any medicine you take for other serious health conditions.
  • Continuing to follow unhealthy habits or not having healthy routines for a long time. Sometimes it is too late to recognize you are bad routines that have impacted your hair and reached the point of no return. Even if you try hard to turn the wheel back it may not pay you well.

This article is not to threaten you, instead it is to give awareness to you so that you will invest in right products for your best hair possible. All the best.