Getting treatment for your body pain? then you must read this.

Of course, it’s quite obvious that no one wants to be in pain! The moment someone feels pain, they try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Pain is basically an unpleasant experience and hence no one wants to have it, but most of us fail to realize that it has a purpose.

What is ‘pain’?

Pain is an alarm generated by our body to convey that an internal organ is at fault. When the blood supply to the heart is inadequate, a person experiences severe chest pain. A stone in the kidney causes back pain. The same holds good for a common neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or any other joint, where the pain indicates that some structure in that joint is affected and faulty.

Should we treat pain?

Treating the pain is to “switch off” the alarm, whereas the reason for the alarm still remains unattended. Temporary suppression of pain results in silent progression of the underlying disease leading to grave complications. Hence when the cause of pain is treated, pain vanishes by itself.

Do we really need an x-ray or MRI to treat pain?

The treatment should be based on a detailed patient history and physical assessment. Radiological(X-ray, MRI) or laboratory investigations should be used only to rule out any potentially harmful diseases. ex: osteoporosis, tuberculosis of the spine, rheumatoid arthritis, bone cancer, fracture, dislocation etc.

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