Why you couldn’t sleep early? Even if you want

Sleep deprivation is one of the most common dysfunctions that we have as a human being. Many people are suffering from sleep deprivation nowadays. A study say that 8 out of 10 people suffer from it.

So if you’re the one suffering from getting a good night of sleep don’t worry we got you covered.

There are many reasons that you’re getting sleep deprivation. They are Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Body inflamation etc,.

But these reasons alone does not satisfy me on why we are getting depressed, anxious and feared most of the time. There must be a root cause that must be engraved in us that makes up always wake up in the night.

Why? Because we are taking anti-depressants and many medications and we still don’t feel the urge to sleep. This actually boggled my mind. And I have looked upon many sources and most of the time I just went into the vain of existence.

As I searched over again and again I’ve finally found the answer.

The fear of waking up and doing the things that we are obliged to do by the society puts us in a uncomfortable situation.

The fear of waking up is caused by these factors.

  • Not liking what we do in the morning hours.
  • Fear of missing out
  • Fear of unaccomplisment
  • Regrets
  • Fear of letting go

These factors make us dwell in our thoughts. It comes and haunts us every night. It is making us suffer even more while we think upon it every night.

Thoughts is that we don’t like what we do in the morning hours like our job, school and all the errands that we do for societal sake. This makes us lie in our bed and consume entertainment to forget our day.

This is really unhealthy to these things. It also correlates with fear of missing out, we always have the fear that we are missing out on something that is making us anxious.

With anxiety involved you will feel that you’ve done nothing significant in your life. This is the realisation of unaccomplishment. We humans are wired to do something effective in our lifespan so these fears come into us.

It then lead to regrets. Regrets are the grave mode of our thoughts that it can take us to the depth of insomnia. With regrets in your mind you’ll become a less functioning human.

Everything starts with fear and less self confidence. Improve those aspects by making your career priorities, relationships and fear in control.

With you reading all through this you might have a question how can I get over it. It’s very clear and simple. LET GO!

You can’t do anything today or even tonight. So LET GO! There is no point in worrying. Don’t have the fear of letting loose of yourself. It is better for you in the long run.

After you let go of all the things that cannot be fixed or controlled, move on to what you can control and change the path of your life.

Finally, invest in your growth. Don’t waste on unnecessary things in your life.

Live as this is your last day of your life with no regrets.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Remember YOLO! You Only Live Once.

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