Knee pain? This may be the cause you never think of

Feet may be the pillar, yet your hip (pelvis) is the foundation on which the whole body is balancing. Your hip area is the connecting link between the upper torso and lower. Even a slight problem here causes pain in the other two ends of the body.

The issues and damages in hip bones, nerves in the lower back/spine, intricate hip muscles may not often result in pain in or around the hips. Instead, it affects the feet, lower limb, or sometimes even the neck.

Your posture plays a big part. Feet alignment, knee alignment, shoulder alignment directly affects pelvis alignment and totally vice versa.

A simple nerve compression between disc joints in the lower back (pelvis and lumbar spine) can cause radiating pain all over your leg. People often treat pain instead of the cause. Or sometimes they fear Does pain mean arthritis or spondylosis?.

Sciatic nerve compression is a condition similar to that. The pressure on this nerve within the hip area can cause more radiating pain on the leg and in knees. People often apply ointment, massage to knees for this pain. To vain, it will not cure.

Sciatic never compression in hip

The best solution is to approach a physiotherapist for decompressing your disc joints and regularly exercising as advised.