Are you bathing the right way?

Many of us take baths every day and 99% of the population take it in the wrong way. There is a certain way that you need to take a bath. Without these standard personal hygiene concepts, you cannot be able to take of yourself in the perfect manner.

Why to take a bath in the right way?

First, in order to wash daily your body will make you feel refreshed and setup for the day. Due to our country’s tropical weather climate, we need to make sure that we take our body odor in the correct and rightful way. Making sure that you are presentable to all will make you feel more confident psychologically.

Now what are all the procedures you need to do in order to take a perfect bath:

1. First start with washing your hair:

The first step in this procedure is to wash your hair with a good sulfate and parabens free shampoo, typically a wash having ayurvedic materials. Scrub your head with the shampoo penetrating to the scalp of your head and making sure any dirt is not accumulated. Then finish off with a good conditioner.

2. Washing your face:

The second step is to wash your face. Use a neem-type face wash to exfoliate your face and remove any dirt in the pores of your skin. For the best results use a motorized face scrubber in order to achieve the perfect clearness in your face glow.

3. Washing up your torso, legs and arms:

The next step is to wash your body with a good and mild fragrant body wash. You don’t need to overpower the body wash with a strong odor because there are deodorants and colognes for it. Buy a loofah or a natural scrubber and wash twice in order to make yourselves cleaner than usual.

4. Washing your privates:

There are special washes that are mainly used to wash your private areas. Use these products don’t use your body wash to clean your privates. Because these special washes have ph neutralizing agents that will not irritate and it will clear off the abundance of bacterial presence in these areas.

5. Moisturizing:

Finally, after patting dry put on a body moisturizer to make your skin rejuvenate from the loss of oil content this will not make you feel oily but helps in controlling your body odor as the day goes on.

How to maintain and how many times?

Maintain this procedure day in and day out. Bath twice a day during the summer seasons, and make sure that you are always hydrated. The suggested products for all these criteria both for men and women buying links are given below.

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