The Ultimate Indian meal prep guide for easy cooking and maintaining a diet

Everyday morning woman of the house have the question ringing, what’s for break fast, then for lunch, then for dinner?

This makes them feel constantly stressed, not enjoying the present moment and at last, ending up unhappy chaos at home or even worse, not focused at work.

Planning, Preparing and Executing- the PPE- Keep it Simple

MonSteamed Ragi idli
+coconut chutney, small glass of grape fruit + apple juice.
Curried Rajma( red kidney beans) + Rice
+ Bhoondi ritha.
Bowl of cucumber bell pepper+ cherry tomato+ spring mix green salad.
Multi nut and dry fruit balls- 2 or prepped nut snackRotis with leftover Rajma + Paneer , peas Gravy.
TueBoiled eggs+ Avocado topped toast+ Pomegranate juice.Pan seared , herb lemon salmon + asparagus . Chickpeas+ pickled beets + corn salad.Multi nut and dry fruit balls-2 or prepped nut snackChicken Tagine + toasted flat bread or a bed of Jeera Rice
WedSpinach, mushroom Frittata+ ABC juiceChicken biryani+ onion rita + Rasam( immunity booster made of tomatoes cumin, pepper, coriander sprinkle)Mini carrots, mini cucumber with hummusRice crepes- Dosas with Sambhar
ThruBanana, Apple, walnut smoothie in Almond milkQuinoa pilaf with chickpeas, lentils, diced carrots, squash, potato. Beets stir fry – sprinkled with shredded coconut. Strawberry, chia seeds yogurt parfait.Cut veggies with hummusRotis with Dal Makhani
FriMix match Egg omelette, bowl of fruitsLeft over rice of the week- Fried rice with eggs, shrimp or chicken strips.Nachos with salsaTAKE OUT OR FAMILY TOGETHER COOKING
SatMillets, rice – coconut milk porridge with coriander -mint chutney. Melon bowl.Spinach dal, okra stir fry, roasted potatoes, rice , buttermilk.Raw plantain, potato, onion – all sliced frittersRoti/ homemade -kid friendly Pizza
SunFrench toast, caramelized strawberry drizzle, Orange juiceFish Fry, Fish curry in a bed of rice, chicken Tikka /  kabab.Mini oats , walnut, pecan muffinBroccoli, corn, Sweet potato  soup.
Meal Prep Table

There can be little work ahead done over the weekend usually Saturday.

  • Include the family members what they are expecting for next week.
  • Make a list of items still in the pantry and Fridge.
  • Then put a quick shopping list for next week.

The Planning, Preparing, and Executing- the PPE- could be overwhelming for an initial couple of weeks but quickly can turn be an easy ritual in the family. This would be a great lesson for the kids to watch, execute and grow to be more successful

The perks of this PPE:

  • you will save money
  • you will eat healthier
  • you will reduce your stress 
  • you reduce food waste

As we have learned a lesson through the Pandemic, wash the groceries, dry them in your own way, and store. One of the best ways, use a long cotton cloth to dry the washed veggies and fruits.

Arrange them with boxes. Always store essentials adequately. Get some sterilized glass containers to store chutneys, pickles. Always try to buy different colored fruits and vegetables for the week.

Stock the fridge with proteins, with Egg crates, chicken or fish.

Plan to soak different beans overnight and pressure cook or open boil in the morning in less time. To start, try with green mung beans and chickpeas, as they are packed with proteins and essential nutrients that can be enjoyed plain with a sprinkle of salt or made to a hot or cold salad of your choice. If you have cooked beans as a leftover, no worries can be tossed in seasoned rice or added to a gravy base

Ginger, green chilies, curry leaves, coriander mint, spinach, other green verities, peeled washed onions, peeled washed garlic, broccoli crowns, washed carrots, beets, fresh beans, mushrooms.

Try making your pickles, such as beet-carrot-chilies in vinegar, lemon pickle, mango pickle, as they come in handy for making wraps and while having flatbreads.

Make gravy base ahead, at least 2 per week so you can manage for 3 days .

Make batches of dry fruits and nuts for the week, as it can be had as a mid-afternoon snack. It gives enough strength to the body, fresh energy for the evening.

Such as;

  • Dates: 5 nos
  • Figs: 3 nos
  • Apricot: 2 nos
  • Almonds: 5 nos
  • Shelled roasted, unsalted pistachios: 4 nos
  • Walnut: 5 nos

For Breakfast:

1. Make a fresh juice or fruit salad with fruits like pineapple, cantaloupe, any melon cut ahead and stored in individual boxes.

2. Make a carb, limited to your choice of bread, porridge with oats, millets, multigrain.

3. Add the protein, an essential nutrient with Eggs or overnight soaked beans.

You can become more creative, make a smoothie with fruits, nuts, dry fruits, cooked grains with dairy or non-dairy.

4. Add steamed dishes for breakfast, such as Indian Idlis with chutneys, string hopper, and vegetable stew, as they contribute a wholesome  carb+ protein+fiber for a good start.

Refer the above table.

For Lunch:

1.Make point that you and your family have a staple grain food such as rice or wheat or pasta,  bread, maize.

2. Make a dish with protein from meat such as fish, chicken, or plant based such as beans, tofu, soya chunks. You can make a gravy based dish to accompany the rice, seasoned with herbs, spices like black pepper, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, chili powder, coriander, mint, and coconut milk.

3.Make a salad with a choice of your vegetables, such as greens, peppers, cucumber,  carrots.

You can also make whole side dishes like stir fry -seasoned with mustard seeds and dry red chilies with vegetables like french beans, beets, okra, amaranth leaves.

4. Finish the meals with yogurt, which renders the Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Refer the above table.

For Dinner:

  1. Make a soup, which could include most of the veggies.
  2. Make a portion of pasta with veggies and limited meat. You can also make fried rice or a piece of flatbread and veggie gravy.
  3. Make a soothing warm latte with turmeric and crushed pepper.

Refer the above table.

Try making different cuisine over a week. Which will be discussed in later articles.

Monday -Tuesday – going regional with veggies which have shorter shelf life

Wednesday- Thursday– Trying out dishes with prepared gravy base .

Make a thought that Friday Night is a Party of your own, which can be more entertaining by completing the leftovers over the week.

Follow this meal prep plan and tell us about your experience below.