10 unusual tips to escape boredom in cooking

Even for many who love cooking, it will eventually become ‘chore’ if you do it repeatedly without any change in it. Certainly, cooking could be more fun, but here we would like to list 15 tips to make cooking not a boring activity in your day.

1. Hack your old recipe

Try to cook a familiar dish in a completely new way. Try starting with adding one more ingredient to your regular dish which you did before. It may be a spice, herb, or any decorative. Later try changing two things in your recipe, and try achieving something completely different from your intended dish. Give a different taste, color, aroma to your usual dishes.

2. Make your kitchen centre of the home

Move your living room to your kitchen (not literally). Gather your family in the kitchen while you cook, this might be difficult at first if you have never done this before. Everything needs a start. Making your kitchen a family hub makes you feel less isolated. You can get immediate feedback and opinions. Especially it’s good for children to involve and there’s a chance they could become more enthusiastic with foods.

A fun kitchen is always a happy place where memories are made.

3. Colloborate?

Cook with your friends, may through a video call (may be a conference call). Allow them to comment and opinion few changes in the process. Whether it may work or not, it will give few more choice to try some changes in the regular dishes you make. Remember most inventions are accidental.

4. Maintain a cooking journal

Journaling is more than logging. Write every time you try a new recipe. How the food tasted, how it looked, record your own feedback every time like what could be done to improve. This will allow you to try tuning many parameters in your next attempt. You can change (add/remove/increase/decrease) some ingredient, alter sequence and timing, ingredients’ quality and source, process, tools, way of presentation, etc, etc.

5. influence by sharing?

Instead of bragging in words, just show the world what you did. Maybe sometimes you will be appreciated and recognized more in the out than inside the home. Take some effort to present your food and click a photo, share it on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t be too shy, after all, they can only comment and can’t taste it 😜. Who knows, you might become a star.

6. Your signature (dish)

Best the dish that you do so perfectly and perfect it with eventual improvement. Make it as you signature dish, the dish you known for, the dish that will remind you when others think about it. The praise and recognition will lead to more signature dishes, but start with perfecting one.

7. Turn up the volume

Don’t cook in silence. Music will help you to set the mood, elevate your flow of senses, lifts up your spirit and may transform your simple cooking to a good experience. Hearing different genre of music triggers different creativity in the work you do.

8. Ask your mom!

Go little nostalgic. Ask your mom for the recipe that you enjoyed in your childhood, which you still remember its taste in your tongue. Appreciate the excitement it brings, the memories of your childhood. Mom’s like it!

9. Imitate

Sometimes imitations are better than originals. When you’re not in mood to think about a recipe, not in for creativity then try a recipe from your favourite Chef, follow a video tutorial, just do it as told. Eventually you’ll set yourself in a momentum to lead things later.

10. Impersonate

It’s better to do this without an audience. This maybe even a bad tip. Just impersonate as someone to kick of the boredom in cooking chores. Chop vegetables like psychopath, jumble the spoons, act like Gordon Ramsay, salt like Salt Bae and do anything which is not you.

What tip inspired you? or share yours in comments for others.