5 everyday habits in men that reduce their fertility

Fertility has been a serious issue with men that constantly bogs them down. Yet, we make these everyday habits that make us lose our libido over time.

Fertility-reducing habits are well known to stop the growth of new reproduction semen with men due to continuous distress in their lower abdomen region. So beware of these habits and find some insights to correct them.

Wearing tight jeans

Men need to make sure that they keep their test sacks always in good shape. Men most commonly misunderstand that we need to wear tight pants to keep our test sacks in a snug fit. Wrong!

The natural way to maintain them is to keep them free as humanly as possible with clothes. So don’t wear tight jeans and tight underwear. Instead, go for the elastic fits and boxers. This will help you in the long run.

Keeping phones in your front pant pocket

Our phones are getting more and more advanced these days. So are their complex technologies. Phones emit strong electromagnetic radiation that will spoil our hormonal balances.

So the remedy for it is never to leave your phone more than 4 hours per day on the front pocket of your pants. Either leave them in the back pocket or place them in your shirt pocket. It’s much safer there.

Less sleep

Sleep deprivation is the main factor in hormonal imbalances in humans. This will cause you to be more stressed about everything. And this leads to an uncomfortable situation for your test sacks to be in imbalance as well.

With less sleep, you will certainly are on the verge of making yourself prone to impotence. So start getting your sleep in time.

Smoking and drinking

Do I need to overstress this topic? Everyone knows smoking and drinking are injurious to health, but it also spoils our hormonal cycle. This leads to our test sacks not liking even a tiny bit much.

Most people are now addicted to drinking and smoking. This is due to stress and sleep deprivation. Anything without moderation is not good for your body. Drinking and smoking are fun but do it in moderation.


Weight issues are the most common factors in the infertility industry. If you gain 2 lbs more than your BMI weight, then you’ll be 1% closer to the chance of becoming infertile as the days goes by.

So guys, start your weight loss regime. Calculate your BMI according to your height and make sure you reach the goal.