5 skills in men that melts a woman’s heart in seconds

Women are attracted to men that excel in their fields of mastery. At certain times, women will feel more attracted to a man who a skill up in his sleeves to impress her.

These skills are not related to any financial motivations but purely impress them and swipe them off their feet.

Martial Arts

Women are attracted to men who invest their free time into martial arts. Women are attracted to the masculinity involved in the sport. They love their man to be an able person to protect her under any situation.

This is all due to the testosterone levels attraction. Women will feel confident, and they will like to be around these men who have high testosterone levels.


Singing is another skill that is related to testosterone. When their man sings in a manly, rough voice, even just only for them at night, women get attracted towards it. It is the way of a man soothing his woman with lullabies.

Women will crave for their men to sing lullabies like their mothers when they need it.


A man who knows around a kitchen will surely win the hearts of women. Women like men who cook’s good food just for her. This is a sign of love and effort that a man is investing into the long-run relationship.

Mastering a musical instrument

Music will instantly attract many women into your circle. If you master a piano, guitar, or drums, women tend to go crazy for you. Women are attracted to the rhythm, when you play a tune for her, she immediately feels impressed


The final and the most effective skill that many women tend to find attractive is poetry. The way you move and play with the words will make any woman melt. Poetry is a well-known skill since the ages of humanity’s existence.

Read some Rumi and Wordsworth, it will make your love life even more pleasant.