How Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders attract many women?

Thomas Shelby is a well renowned figure in pop culture. He is known for many manly habits that he posses, but he is more renowned for his woman attraction skills.

The answer is that Tommy, aka Thomas Shelby, has chivalry in his blood. Mostly he respects and protects his women.

1. Chivalry

Chivalry is mostly forgotten these days by many men and women. Women tend to see chivalry as misogynistic, but the fact contradicts the assumptions. Making way for a woman or taking the door for her is considered as an example of chivalry. This is absent in this day and age since most men aren’t imposed to do this. But the chivalry trick even works these days. Tommy protects his women like a knight.

2. Respect

Tommy has a lot of respect for women. He worships his motherly figure in the series, Polly, to the max and respects her words. He trusts women with his money and belongings and moves on to do the work he is supposed to. This is a good trait that women love in a man.

3. Letting go

A relationship always has some ups and downs. When his women want a break from the relationship, he lets them go. Since you can’t control others, this act will make men seem even stronger since they are for pleasures and companionship.

I’m letting you go as you wish – Tommy

This gives women some confidence that her man will eventually wait for her, and the relationship bonds will grow stronger.

4. Discipline

Tommy drinks and do all sorts of things, but he is the one who is waking up at first in the morning than anyone else. This tends to be very attractive for women since her man is always focused on the job and always looking out for the family.

5. Alpha male

The final trait that Thomas Shelby posses is that he is the alpha. He worked hard and went through many hardships. He is a leader, not a boss. He also gets his hands dirty sometimes when needed. This makes him the prime seed for many women. That’s why women flock towards Thomas Shelby.