Paper-thin, superior strong wallets for men

Minimalist design, peak comfort, extraordinary durability, various design, super thin, hold up to 12 cards apart from wide cash compartment, and what not for a gentleman’s wallet.

This wallet is made of a synthetic material similar to the look and feel of paper yet with the superior strength of leather. Literally, the material is untearable.

Nicely tailored with sections to hold your cards and cash. Eventually, the paper expands and gives more room to store furthermore content in the wallet. Even after adding 12 cards in, it can hold them and let you fold.

It has plenty of build strength with eco-friendly and vegan-friendly. Fire and water-resistant. They have unisex wallets too and different bi-fold models (vertical and horizontal)

It’s called a Tyvek wallet, Mighty wallet, or paper wallet. You can see them at

People from India can buy a brand called Supervek at