The 5-second trick to beat alcohol cravings

If you reading this, I presume sobriety is something that always slips out of your hands no matter how hard you try with a thought of alcohol in your head. Every time you fight with your cravings, trying to control with the help of your will power, at the end you craving wins.

Is it because your willpower is limited? or Otherwise your craving is stronger than you? In both cases, exercising your willpower is not benefiting you. The thought of “just one glass” will over run your efforts to hold back.

Craving starts from thoughts. If you’re sober for a few days, it’s so normal to think about alcohol. Thinking is not considered as craving unless it develops into something you can’t avoid and control. Once the craving takes over, it challenges your willpower.

What if there’s a solution that doesn’t need your willpower to execute it?

Leon Sylvester, founder of found a simple strategy to overcome this with simple steps. It may look like a cliche, but it really worked.

Sylvester asks to write on a paper split into two columns. Titled “Pleasure” and “Pain” on each column. You need to write what are all the benefits you could achieve and enjoy if you stayed sober in the “pleasure” column. For example, improving your health or relationships. On the second column, write the pain you faced or you would face if you chose to drink back. For example, hangovers, shame, financial and emotional cost, etc.

Because understanding the reasons ‘Why?’ you should stop drinking is the first step to solve the problem.

“Understanding your ‘why’ is a powerful precursor to stopping your alcohol cravings,” he says. “When you have a vision, it can really help motivate you to start looking for solutions to your problem.”

“The main problem wasn’t the craving itself, it was the belief that alcohol provided genuine pleasure in my life,” he continues. “When you start to feel like you’re missing out on something, that’s when the craving starts. And the only way to get over the feeling of being deprived is to remove the reasons why you think alcohol provides value in your life.”

Just by having the awareness of your thoughts, you can catch your craving triggers just at the same time it arises. Now, you have an opportunity to redirect it to other things important or to diminish it by looking into your “Why you shouldn’t drink?” reasons.

Watch his video on Youtube.