10 most overlooked micro-habits that make you more aware each day

I once read a blog about a book called “Tiny habits,” written by BG Fogg. It tells us about how tiny changes in habits will make our day more eventful. Noticing little things that we completely ignored before. This is said to be being aware of the situation.

Being aware is the hardest quality that a person can equip in their life. The point of being fully aware is the point where your brain is at a full focus mode. These micro habits will make you aware most of the time intensionally.

Count the number of steps you climb and trod down each day

Being aware is noticing everything you do in your daily life. It is not hard to notice mundane things that you do every day. For example, counting the number of steps, you have come upon each day.

Start counting from the moment you wake up. Count the steps you crossed each day, from counting the stairs in your house to office stairs. This will make you aware of what distance you’re traveling each day.

Counting stairs is a simple habit to starting to become aware as each day goes by.

Look at a object in your house for a whole minute

We forget many objects that we accumulated over the years for our house. First, look at the wall clock or the vase that you have at your home. Analyze why you bought it and what is the purpose of it for a minute.

While you’re analyzing for the minute, you will learn what decision you’ve made to buy the vase or the clock. Is it an impulse buy or a serious decision you’ve made.

Brush your teeth on your non-dominant hand

Start brushing your teeth on the non-dominant hand in the morning. Since your non-dominant hand does not have the muscle memory to clean your teeth, as usual, it will make you concentrate and use your brain to the fullest.

This brushing technique will make you more aware first thing in the morning. Fun fact you will brush your teeth cleaner than usual.

Make a list of how many persons you have spoken to each day

Counting the person you’ve spoken to each day will reflect how social and friendly you are. Counting persons and remembering them will make you more aware of what you’ve spoken and what decisions you’ve made in the day.

Sit on a chair with your butt gone all the way back

We usually sit in a slanted manner where our butt is tilted slightly forward. This is not a good habit for your posture. Meanwhile, it is also not good for blood supply going to your brain.

Ensure that you’re aware of making your butt go to the back of the seat all the time. This simple action will make you aware most of the time, and constant adjustment to the butt placement will make you aware of the situation most of the time.

Lie down on your bed and be alone for an hour

Simply being alone is the most horrendous act for many. They cannot sit still at the moment. If you are one of the people having this syndrome, don’t worry. Just lie in your bed first for 5 mins on day one without any distractions.

As the days go by, increase the time eventually to one hour. This habit will make you more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Unfollow social media accounts that is not relevant to you

Social media is the devil of being aware. So make sure you’re not spending the maximum amount of time on it. While you’re online, make sure that you unfollow the accounts that are not necessary for you.

If these accounts get away from the list, you will spend only less amount of time. As days go by, make sure that you audit your social media and unfollow more and more. This will make you form a habit of not being on social media but being in the present.

No screen time while eating

Eating is the most daunting task in everyone’s life and should be given the most awareness. Without being aware while you eat, you will consume more food or know what is going inside your mouth.

So make sure that you don’t have any screen time while you’re eating. This will make you conscious in all aspects of what food is going in and what you’re supposed to eat.

20 minute breathing exercise

Breathing exercises are one of the easiest ways to being aware. While doing a breathing exercise, note where the breath goes in and around your body. This makes your mind more alert to what is going in and around you.

While you’re doing the breathing exercises, your thoughts will roam around in your brain. Assess these thoughts and let them go.

Turning off notifications and do a dopamine detox

Turn off all the notifications on your phone and all other devices. Unplug from the internet. After unplugging all, sit near a window or on your apartment’s balcony and look at the world for how much every time you can look.

This will make you notice patterns and living matter in and around you and make you think about your life decisions. After certain sessions have gone by, you’ll start looking at the world from a new perspective.