6 traits that will make you happy

Happiness cannot be seen as an objective benchmark symbol. It is mostly intangible. You cannot measure your happiness, you can only feel it. But happiness is said to the commodity in demand for these days.

With happiness being in demand many are looking into what are the ways to attain happiness. Well the truth is happiness cannot be activated in a single moment. Happiness is said to be build up of what you really want in life and what fulfills you. Having some traits that contribute to happiness is a starting point for many to attain happiness.


As we are said in the good old days sharing is said to be caring. If you start to share your wealth, belongings and start giving to others you will receive a gratification towards your life. This is a very good way to make yourself more of a person than just a layman.

Start sharing to the world. You will receive gratification as the days goes by. Eventually you will feel happy as possibly as you can.


Gratitude is one commodity that the world lack nowadays. We tend to take everything for granted. Instead start showing some gratitude to people and the things you own. Respect everything that you get from this world and be great full for it.

With being grateful your mind will not feed into negativity, it will only look at the positive side of the things.


A very proven trait in human beings that said to be a pathway to happiness is journaling. Writing everyday on what you’ve gone through the day will make you realise how much you have achieved.

Journaling everyday in the morning will make you more strides towards a happy life and realise how gifted you are to this world.

Loving Family

A person can have everything right, but if a person doesn’t have a well and caring family one can never be happy. So make yourself available for your family members. So we can make a long steady relationships and enjoy life.


Solitude might be contradicting to the point above for a loving family. It’s not true. On the matter of fact with enjoying your time with your family you can still indulge into solitude through meditation.

Being in solitude is a great trait to master. It is very good for getting to know yourself.


Similar to sharing of physical and emotional elements, sharing of knowledge is good for becoming a happy person.

Teaching will make you feel as if you’re making a man’s life a better one than he was before. This will give you a great confidence and you’ll start radiating joy.