Dealing with a narcissist or sociopath or toxic people? Try this

Narcissist, sociopath, toxic, manipulative, psychopathically pervasive people are hard to deal. Not all the times you can avoid them. May be they are your colleague, may be your room mate, or unavoidable acquaintance or a relative. Due to situation and other reasons you may be left with one choice, that is to deal them.

What is the effective strategy to deal with them, eventually making them to leave us by doing nothing. Yes literally by doing nothing. This method is called “Grey Rock method”.

The guidance may simple, but it is hard to do consistently. Just be non reactive to the person. Be like a grey rock, just sitting there and doing nothing or not reacting to anything the toxic person says in order to trigger a response.

How does it work? and Why it works? These half-illed people are fed by your reactions. You are their target just because you’re giving what they wanted. That is your reaction, your stressed state, your disturbed peace and eventually they want to turn the normal situation into a vulnerable or awkward situation. Usually, these toxic people enjoy the sufferings of others.

By reacting and maintaining your calmness, you are doing entirely opposite of what they expecting from you. You don’t have to be silent, but your answers to their question should be very vague, emotionless and probably irrelevant, shutting their chance to engage further.

As it becomes harder and harder for them to seek a response, this discourages them to engage further, because choosing the next target is easier for them. Their ego and psychopath mind need to be fed with other’s misery, due to that hunger either they try hard (yes there’s a risk of them upping their game) and eventually get upset themselves and then move to next target or sometimes if you’re lucky, they move to next without wasting their effort further.

Say “maybe” or “I don’t know.” Additionally, make yourself plain and unattractive, so your partner gains no pleasure in showing you off or being seen with you. This maneuver removes the narcissist’s “narcissistic supply.” For sociopaths and borderline personalities, it deprives them of drama.

Psychology Today

This is the psychological strategy to handle and avoid the toxic personality slowly. Yes slowly. This will be successful only if you are capable of being dead calm in the hurricane. And accept the fact you can’t change them, only you can escape from them. I pity the next target of the psychopath.