Why the character “Joker” resonates with all of us

“Why so serious?” He says. Yet, we really take him as a role player in our current human situations. The Joker relates with us in all the emotions that we go through. Even if you look at your life daily, we face everyday problems Joker would face. What is the fact that relates us with Joker to all the characters that we see in pop culture?

Mostly, The Joker is one of us. Most of the time. He goes through every emotion as a side sitting human who is longing for some recognition. This leads us to believe that we as humans need recognition. But there are some nuances that we forget to take in.

The system or the government is making us into an anarchist, which is true to some degree. The fact that nothing goes on right in your life and you are left alone with yourself made us think twice about the morality that we are put into.

Many people in this world are subjected to some degree of belittling if you’re like the Joker, your life is made full of acts that are belittling you.

This is a widespread problem now these days. We are made to go into the financial rat race that we rarely enthusiastic about it.

The most abnormal way of making bread to come to our table will take us to the far reach of our mental stability. With compromising our mental stability, we are pushed way beyond our mental tolerance limits.

What is mental tolerance limits?

Mental tolerance limits are where the point we lose ourselves in a fight for acceptance in our society.

Why these tolerance limits are reached?

The tolerance limits are reached because the world says that we are not enough.

When we are not enough to the society that we live in we, tend to be pushed to insanity day by day, little by little. It’s the baby steps a person to become an anarchist.

How can this be solved?

The pushing of an individual to a limit to make them lose their control of morality is dangerous. I will call this “The Joker Effect” to only be solved by making these individuals be treated like one.

Bullies and hypocrites will always pave the way for some insane anarchists in the world. They blur the lines with what’s good and evil.

So, to make the world a better place, we need to be generous and kind to one another. This is what we can take from this.

Everyone has a bad day, but a bad life can be changed with some positivity.