12 ways to spice up your Romantic Life in your 30’s

The main reason couples get less romantic over the time is not their fault. It happens to everyone, as a couple we need to find out ways that why we like each other in the first place. It’s a elegant and spicy way of making it stick.

Romance can’t be looked objectively, it’s very subjective and differs from couples to couples. So hang on for the ride and have fun experimenting.

So let’s add some spice now.

Leave love notes all around

Leaving love notes will make your other half feel more happy and feel important to you. This will make go through many kinds of happy emotions.

Mainly, with leaving notes it will make your love life feel younger than ever. It’s like going back to the days where you first saw him/her. Be more like Shakespeare in your writing, it’ll melt them.

Make a home date night

Having a date night at home with no electronics is the best way to regain your romance. If you have kids send them to a sleepover. Have a great meal together and even share your plate. This will make your better half feel special.

Play romantic card games

These romantic card games are really stir up your hormonal imaginations. It’s like dungeons and dragons on love mode. You can venture into role playing and dare them to a romantic venture.

Take your loved one for a second honeymoon

Oh the honeymoons! They are the best romantic kind let’s of all time. So you can take a second one to a place that’s just for couples. Take some time off and explore the nature with the loved one. You’ll see the world in a new way.

Cuddle more often

Cuddling is one of the best oxytocin enhancer. Cuddle more often in the bed. Have the silly talks and compliment each other on why you’re with them, this will surely spice up all things to come after it.

Make out like teenagers

Don’t have any restrictions. See the teenagers they don’t care about who thinks what they are deep in love so make out like you’re 18 again.

Chocolates and perfumes

Gift the favourite chocolate to your loved ones, play and have some fun with it. Enhance the experience with some nice aphrodisiac fragrances it will elevate your love life.

Pretend that you’ve just met

Role playing as you’ve just met will rekindle your memories. Play the song that you heard together the first time. Nostalgia is the greatest thing that a relationship can have.

Watch softcore movies together

Have a softcore viewing session. It will make you feel shy and move towards erotica. It will make you want to touch and feel each other for a long time. Just do it before you start to cuddle.

PDA in front of your friends

Showing love to your loved one in front of your friends is a healthy behaviour. With so much love in the air your friends who have come over will also get romantic rekindle and they to will get the urge. And with this behaviour you’ll never feel that showing love in front of others will get you excited.

Day dream and make plans

Dreaming about your partner all day and making plans on what to do after you meet up is a great drive for healthy relationship. So dream about him/her. Say that you were dreaming all day to be with your better half. This is a great way to send a positive and healthy vibration that you shall pass and make your love expressed strongly.

Sweat together

Go for a jog, tennis and yoga classes. Sweat together, warm your bodies up. Increase your stamina levels. Enroll into couples classes, this will benefit in every aspect in the long run. 😉

With this much love in the air, have gratitude towards each other this is a perfect spice mix as all relationship advisors say.

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