Ladies! look for these 5 traits in your future husband

Marriage is a daunting task for everyone. You are made to be taken vows to be with your better half for the rest of your life. So, you got to choose the right one which will make your life much easier.

Men have many good traits that contribute towards making a good husband. The essential trait all women need to look out for is their responsibility. Men need to be responsible for taking care of the family.

Productivity maniac

A good man achieves what he set his mind on. Most of the men these days are not practicing this ideology. But an alpha male, who is the backbone of the family, always be a productive person.

A productive man will always be organized and composed. He will not react erratically to what the situation gives to him. Being productive these days is the equivalent of the caveman days of being a hunter. So, women look for the productivity hunter.


Being productive is alone not enough for a woman to marry a man. He definitely needs to be honest with his woman. So look for an honest man. An honest man will always debrief his day to his wife and make her more important in his life.

Further, these honest men are said to be at the frontline’s when a problem arises.

Problem solver

Honesty and Productivity skills will give a man the ability to solve his and her’s problems when the need arises. Most men are good at problem-solving. But only a few will solve the problem without any repercussions.

So when finding the man you love, look for the more responsible and look after your well-being, both physical and mental. If he looks after you holistically, he is a problem solver.

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is an essential trait that you and your partner also should have in your married life. Problems may arise. Yet stick together with the problems will lead to more bonding. The process of sticking through the sunshine and rains in a relationship will depict unconditional love towards the better-half.


A healthy married life must have mutual respect. A man must respect his woman. Women are not meant to be seen as objects. They are the sole purpose of this civilization to be continuing at the pace it is moving towards.

Without respect in the relationship, there will be ego, jealousy, infidelity, etc.; To cultivate respect from your man, he will accept it.

Extra Note: Loyalty and trust

This is for both men and women. Loyalty and trust is the most important point in a relationship. Without trust, the relationship can’t go forward. With most couples struggling with trust nowadays, try to build them as soon as you can in the relationship.

When you want trust from your partners, first give them your trust. Then give them the space that they need. Trust can only be earned when the relationship is going well, so ladies always wait for it. It will eventually come into the relationship once you start going through hardships together.