Things Women don’t understand about Men in a relationship

In a relationship, both men and women have communication barriers. These make it for both men and women hard to understand each other. Many resources advise men about women. So, we take this process into our hand and give our love to the ladies.

Men are mostly judgmental

Judgment is an innate nature of men that is wired into the brain. Women need to control the urge to make the point to control thinking it wrong. Mostly, judgment is a survival instinct to save themselves and mostly their loved ones.

So, if you are going to contradict a man’s judgment, think twice. It is always a man’s nature to judge so we can start to live with it.

Do not like rejections

Rejections are the biggest fear that a man can go through. The relationship is a big thing for men, but getting approval from a woman is the biggest goal in a man’s life. If they get a rejection by a woman, their whole world literally falls.

Before saying no to a man, make them feel relevant, and they are heard. This will make men consider and expect incoming rejection.

More patience in the mind rather than in the behaviour

Women need to come to terms with the concept that men can be patient. Most of the men said to be impatient due to the fast nature of behavior. Men are always going for the solution to the problems that they face. This can be learned from the book Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.

With great precision, women can make this behavior to their advantage since men solve their problems.

Masculinity is not Misogyny

Masculinity is the force that women tend to be attracted to men. When a man is said to be masculine, you can be sure that he is more confident about himself and raging with testosterone. Men show masculinity in terms of order, control, and commanding nature. These are not bad traits that a woman doesn’t need to be worried about masculinity.

To make good use of masculinity, make them feel commanding, and understand their needs. A good lovemaking session will ease them.

Tend to be a show off

Men are mostly show off boys. It comes from our ancestral evolution, i.e., Monkey. Men have some monkey brain inside them; if they tend to show off in public, note that the monkey is taking over. Don’t get embarrassed by it. It fades out eventually when the bond between your relationship tends to grow stronger, and jealousy subsides.

Men flirt other woman

Men always flirt or look at another woman. It is also said to be in the genes. Monogamy is only a recent practice for humans. So, a woman needs to accept this trait as well. Don’t worry about this trait; they tend to look at other women, but they mostly stick with the ones they love.

After reading this, a woman might ask, “Why should I have to go through this all the time? Can’t they be adaptive?”. Yes, men can be adaptive but only when they get their motherly love from their better-halves.

So, give love and receive love that is ready to be rejoiced.