5 Inventions that favored true feminism

Feminism is all about equality. True feminism brings the women forward rather than fighting against people who hate the idea. The ideas that fundamentally changed the path of the time and favoured women in the past are listed here. This is just an opinion.


Before the medical advancements, women were kept busy in the repeated process of giving birth, even if they don’t want to. More children literally mean, more responsibility and more time women have to spend nurturing them and in homely duties.

Every pregnancy is considered as second birth for women. The risk involved in pregnancy is drastically reduced along with the birth rate when women started to limit the numbers. The pregnancy duration is a period where women take high caution, which leads them to no choice for pursuing a career, education, or anything that brings them forward or stands on their own.

Women get similar freedom to men in the process of ensuring the next generation and also in freedom of romance. Unwanted and accidental pregnancies are something that happens quicker, but the consequences to bear are longer. Conservatives consider this freedom paves the path to cultural destruction, the fundamental benefits of it for the women is significant over any other.

Sanitary napkins

Women no longer stuck. They have ability to move now all around the clock if they choose to. Mensuration is not an obstacle anymore, it’s a discomfort. Thanks to the innovations in modern sanitary napkins. The indirect benefits of this simple invention opens the door to new possibilities extends the path for women to go out long in terms of time and distance.

Gas Stoves & Kitchen appliances

If you were born after 2000, you wouldn’t have slightest of idea about what’s said here. Before 90’s or in developing countries women came out of the house to explore just only because of the LPG stoves. In average, it saved at the least of 2 hours everyday. Statistically that is the duration in history where women started to try what were only men’s to do usually, and evidently they succeeded.

Even in 21st century, still many countries’ culture has a unwritten rule in home making. Cooking and home making is still considered as women’s expertise and what primarily required of a woman in past. Anything she wants to try new, it has to be after her duties and only if she has energy to do so.

The efficiency, the speed of completing home chores increased multi-fold with the assistance of appliances like washing machines, dishwasher, refrigerators, etc. Machines and appliances were built to handle with little effort during the 80s, for women (actually mainly because of commercial tactics) offered the independence in homemaking, which is then extended outside the house to access automobiles and other machinery.


Exposure, news reach, awareness, ability to take jobs that don’t require travel, Online learning, work from home jobs, modern/tech skill jobs, ease of communication, and what not? Internet opened many doors, especially for women. The benefits are witnessed by us now. No need to say more.

Fashion & Lifestyle

It’s not only the invention & innovation of multiple contraceptive options, it is mainly the awareness and acceptance in society. Contraception, Sanitary napkins are no longer taboo for this generation of girls. Working and having a career of their own becomes the new social norm.

Fashion speaks culture. Fashion changes and slowly culture follows and adopts.

I can’t vouch for everyone’s cultural stand, but the fashion is definitely changed, positive towards women. Modern dress, like pants which allows more flexible/free movements than the conventional dresses are the tiny proof that fashion let women to move more, feel more comfortable while working and in social interactions.

What do you think of this list? What did I miss? Tell us in comments.