5 traits in a woman that men crave for

Men are mostly attracted to the female gender by the beauty that they carry. When they go into a relationship men, require their woman to be more finessed. This is not to say that men are entitled to their opinion. It’s just in our genetics from the cave man-ages.

Men mostly put so much emotion into a relationship that eventually leads them to look for their mother’s love from their better-halves. So, all women give them some motherly love.

1. Take care of the home

These days, most men find it hard to get a girlfriend or a wife that looks after the home. A woman can go to work and not do the dishes, and your man has no problem with it. But, he wants you to be the governing boss of the house.

He expects everything to be at peace once a woman enters his life. Women are great organizers, so organize the house. It’s better for both.

2. Let him buy his PlayStation or the Mercedes

Allow your man with some guilty pleasures, and he might need to stress down a bit from what is happening around him. So, let him have his PS5 or the car that he always has to own.

Men mostly work on goal that rewards them so let him have his reward.

💡 - Studies show that men who are allowed get indulged in their possessions are less likely to betray his loved one.

3. Accept their sensual side

Men are very sensual, and they crave more for this act. They like to caress their loved one’s almost all the time. Keeping them at a distance will not do good to the relationship.

Many men need to express their love. They’re not only in need of love, but they are in great need of expressing it.

4. Ask always his side of the story

Most women are at fault at one thing, and they forget to consider his side of the story. Men also do this more often, but in a healthy relationship, make sure you both listen to each other stories.

Ask your loved one, “How was your day?” This will make them feel important in the relationship.

5. Be like a mom to him

Finally, this is the main trait that a man looks in a woman. Be like a mother to him. Please give them your feminine care, make them feel special, and treat them as they’re the best in the world.

Just say the word, “Honey, you’re the best in the world.” This will make them go crazy for you.

With all these traits, you can keep men at bay and live a happy and healthy relationship.