6 traits in women that men hate

Women tend to have more problems with men than men have with women. But if men have a problem, a woman mostly discredits by arguing.

Arguing about who is right will always lead to some emotional wounds. So all women around the world, let this be the guide for your relationship, where men need to have cared as well.

Always the nagging one

Men do not like to be always nagged. If you say, man to do the chores, he will do it. Eventually, when he has his own time. Please wait for it. Always don’t explain what needs to be done in a teeny-tiny bit manner.

Give them space to run the errands, give them your time. Men will definitely surprise you.

Explaining only the one sided details

Women tend to explain mostly their side of the story during the problem. This always leads to misassumptions. This is not good in a healthy relationship.

Make sure that you always explain the full story. It is never about the trust in you. Men want to know all the details. Don’t hide anything from your man. This is the most that you can do to him.

Not speaking out directly

Speak to them as directly as possible. Don’t make them guess what you want from your man. It may be exciting for you to make your man guess the right thing. But they do not possess psychic abilities. That’s the truth.

As Tony Robbins said, “If you want to go to the restroom, tell your man that you wanna go to the restroom. Instead of asking him that he want to the restroom or not”.

Shopping spree’s

This is an awful one. Men don’t like to wait, especially during shopping. Women are overwhelmed with choices, and they always want to choose the best. Men look. Differently, they look only for the function.

So when you take your man shopping, make sure that you have a locked-in time. Always say to him how much time it’s going to take. And maintain that time. They will love you more for it.

Faking during intimacy

This is the place where most marriages and relationships are broken. Don’t ever fake your emotions during intimacy. Most women tend to do it to make their men happy. WRONG!!!

Men like to be direct. If you’re not feeling great about the intimacy, say to him. Men are diplomatic creatures. They will make sure to make it good for their woman.

Looking at buff dudes

Never look at buff dudes Instagram. This will make your man feel more and more insecure. Most women consider it motivated to see buff dudes in front of their men to do the workout. Again a big red flag.

Your man doesn’t like to be compared with other men. Similarly, like women, men also don’t like to benchmark. They are the best with what they possess understand this, which makes your life a more pleasant one.