Cheapest Corona COVID-19 insurance cover. Zero cost treatment

COVID – 19 has taken a toll in us, this concerns many on their financial terms. With COVID treatments that are expensive at this moment Insurance companies have created COVID Insurance schemes.

Yet, many are in worry whether they need to invest in a COVID Insurance schemes or not. Don’t worry we got you covered.

To be noted, many existing health insurance schemes will offer COVID coverage if you already own one. Check with the insurance provider about what coverages do they provide.

Let’s get started.

COVID Insurance covers all the charges that are related to corona virus symptomatic cases. The policy will cover from the day of hospitalisation till the pre-medical treatment is completely done.

The requirements are just a simple doctor’s prescription is needed.

Key Benefits of COVID Insurance

Corona virus treatmentCovered with zero additional cost
Home treatmentCovered if suggested by a doctor
Consumable expensesEssentials like glass, masks and gloves
Co-PaymentAge based co-pay is not there in many
Cashless treatment Available
Add-on coversAvailable

Vendors Covering CORONA Insurance

1. Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance:

Bajaj Allianz has one of the best COVID Insurance plan in the country. They have minimum coverage of 1.5 lakhs to 50 lakhs. They have a good incurred claim ratio upto 89% of incurred payments. They also have the coverages extending upto 6500+ hospitals all over the country.

2. IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance:

IFFCO Tokio has the same minimum coverage as Bajaj Allianz which is 1.5 lakhs and a maximum coverage of 25 lakhs. But, where they excel is the claim percentage. They have a incurred claim ratio percentage of 102% and they also cover around 5000+ hospitals all over the country.

3. Star Health Insurance:

Star Health Insurance is one of the best hospital coverage plans that we can go for. Minimum claim of 1 lakh to 25 lakh can be done. Their incurred claim ratio is 63%, but they compensate with the 9800+ hospitals covered.

4. HDFC ERGO General Health Insurance:

HDFC has provided with a unique offer in the market. Their minimum claim is around 3 lakhs and maximum claim of 50 lakhs. They have 62% of incurred claim ratio which is good for the client. Their main advantage is they cover more than 10,000+ hospitals in our country.

5. Manipal Signa Health Insurance:

Manipal has its own chain of hospitals so if an policy comes from them it is said to be good. They are the only policy provider that has minimum claim limit of 1 lakh to maximum claim limit of 1 Crore. Their claim ratio is also good with more the 60%. They also cover more than 6500+ hospitals in the country.

Do note that some policies do not cover home quarantines and pre-existing disease expenses while going through it.

Also note that most of the policy activation period would be around 15 days to 1 month. If you get diagnosed with COVID you will not be able to avail the insurance. So be aware of this restrictions.

For further reference look at PolicyBazaar.