Earn $40/day for watching YouTube videos

Is it really a thing? Can I really earn money for watching youtube videos? If so How to earn money by watching YouTube videos? Yes, really you can. These are legit programs. You have to sign up for the program and should only watch the videos on their list, within their sites.

Is it a scam? Well, No. But, there are sites that might cheat you. So choose the program wisely. Rely on sites that really paying by getting feedback from past users.

How long I have to watch this? The time varies from 1 hour to 5 hours per day to earn decent money out of it. I advise you to sign up for two to three different sites and switch so that you will not run out of videos soon and can make maximum out of this.

Can I rely on it? It depends. In some counties, $40/day is better money to make a living out of it. But, it is not advised as a career.

What are the sites offering this kind of earning opportunities?

AddMeFast – https://addmefast.com/

Like4Like – https://www.like4like.org/

These are two reliable sites that offer “money for watching” programs. There is a huge list of sites where you can earn money for watching youtube videos and other advertisements. But we listed only reliable and genuine sites out of it.