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A sudden surge in coding classes for kids. Why the fuss?

WhiteHat Jr, Campk12, Captaincoder, and Coding Ninjas, BYJU’s joining the wagon soon, there are already half a dozen ed-tech companies are in this battle of claiming students to their online coding classes. You could have seen the media hype and proliferation of ads for this in a catchy way. Especially it impacted the market very well in this pandemic situation where kids are off school and have plenty of time to try new things. No offense, but parents have no clue and no energy to engage their children in these covid-19 lockdowns. Companies used these opportunities very well in a similar way other tech companies boosted the reach of their tech products for education(Google Meet/Classrooms, Microsoft Teams for Education).

You could’ve seen all those advertisements (TV, Youtube, and other media) directly addressing the parents, delicately forcing them to make a choice for their children. Obviously, the ads are more compelling, especially if you have a child, that too the ads utilizes big celebs of the nation. The two main motivation factors are desire and guilt.

  • You want a better and best-est future for your children, so you never hesitate to give anything for your child to learn/utilize to grow in their career path. You desire the best future for your children.
  • You don’t want to fail in giving the best for your children. There is an unexplainable fear that you unconsciously feel that you are making a big mistake for your children if you’re not giving this opportunity to them. Therefore, the guilt of not acting on it.

The market competition. The sudden demand for home-learning for children and forced transition to eLearning, schools and other main stream educating institutions made it as a normal form educating students breaks the conventions and open a great wide possibilities of new forms of learning. This huge void space in education, lot of free time in lockdown in 2020, as many eTeaching companies switching and capturing their wards to keep their business sustainable, the competitors are forced to give quality and to compromise in their price (not cheap, but the pricing are nominal that before). This forces the companies to reach as many as possible to meet their target (in terms of gain).

You believe it or not, most of the news, articles I read about online coding classes are paid one. You can tell it in a way it was written. I said most of them, though there is few original articles who is written by naive editors who were not experienced in child psychology or teaching technologies. Obviously you know, for TV ads, big celebs like Hrithik Roshan endorsing these companies.

In India, most of us have this mentality. If your peer is doing something, you are psychologically forced to do the same. Do not fall for this peer pressure and do not fall for the guilt play by these ads.

I am not against these online coding classes for children. But I am against people claiming this one solution of leaning coding is good choice for all the children. I don’t like these ads imposing too much expectations on the children by parents. As you know, this will not result in good as we seen in past. On the fun note, I wish every parent should see Taare Zameen Par once before expecting something out of your child who doesn’t wish the same as you.

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